Even for the most complex needs, we offer elegant e-commerce solutions. Services for designing and developing customizede-commerce websites & platforms aid in creating a superior user experience to satisfy picky modern consumers. E-commerce developers at VEI provide unique storefronts and digital solutions for back-office e-commerce activities. We give the precise skills to complete the task successfully regardless of the type of company or technological model you use.

Consumer expectations are rising at the same time as technology is evolving. We create non-trivial e-commerce solutions and enhance your consumers' experiences by using cutting-edge technologies.

Key Factors

Microverses-based E-commerce

An integrated e-commerce system will be planned, implemented, and organized by skilled solution architects using logical components (microservices) and their dependencies. This architectural strategy works best for e-commerce organizations that are expanding quickly.

Online Multistore

With a well-planned multistore solution, you may expand your e-commerce firm into new markets and geographical areas. You'll be able to easily manage several languages and catalogs through your site.

Online Marketplace

Services and products Different types of seller involvement, order processing, and income management can be implemented in marketplaces. Three target parties - marketplace owners/admins, vendors, and end users - may all benefit from a well-designed marketplace.

Web Portals

The demands of retail enterprises are broad, including managing vendors, engaging customers, developing brands, and exchanging catalogs. We assist with the planning and implementation of the necessary functional components and the setup of processes after the portal goals are established.

Key Benefits

  • We assist you in increasing operational efficiency and managing the overall customer experience by providing advice on business, technological, and operational issues.
  • To attain greater functional flexibility, we go from monolithic to decoupled architectures. We are also skilled in cutting-edge technologies that may help distinguish your brands, such as voice recognition or 3D modeling.
  • Get a branded mobile area for your website store so that clients can easily shop whenever they want and wherever they are.

Hire us to create a website for your company that is focused on the user. We will make the greatest use of our abilities and deliver your website complete with functional features and tools.

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