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The concept of a permanent, online, three-dimensional world that combines a large number of other virtual worlds is known as the metaverse. Consider it a future version of the Internet. In these 3D worlds, Metaverse users will be able to work, meet, play, and socialise.Although Metaverse has not yet been fully launched, Metaverse elements can be found on some platforms. So far, video games have come the closest to replicating the Metaverse experience. Developers are pushing the game's boundaries by organising events within the game and creating virtual economies.

Blockchain and meta-like applications already exist and provide a living for people. Axie Infinity is a play-to-earn game that many users use to supplement their income. SecondLife and Decentraland are two more examples of how the blockchain world and virtual reality applications can coexist successfully. When it comes to the future, major technology companies are always looking ahead more efficiently. Nonetheless, the decentralised nature of blockchain technology allows smaller players to participate in the creation of metaverses.

As previously stated, metaverses will bring all aspects of life together in one place. Although many people already work from home, the metaverse will allow you to create a 3D office and communicate with your colleagues'avatars. Your business could be related to the metaverse and provide you with income that you can use directly in the metaverse. Specifically, similar jobs already exist. People all over the world are already benefiting from GameFi and play-to-earn models. These online jobs are excellent candidates for inclusion in metaverses because they have already demonstrated that people are willing to spend time living and working in virtual worlds.

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